Mister MoneyTM | Strategist. Entrepreneur.

What I do:

MedTech Business Strategy. Early-stage investing. New product development. Working with clients to provide the interface between ideas and action.

For my cannabis consulting and brand strategy practice see: https://iridium.consulting


  • Strategy
  • Fundraising
  • Innovation and New Product Development
  • Business system architecture, organization design and complex systems.
  • Market development and Business Development
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Regulated design and manufacturing (ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 17025)
  • Technology assessment for medical devices, due diligence, IP review

Have a problem you need help with? aaron@iridium.consulting

Books I am reading right now:

  • Venture Deals – Brad Feld & Jason Mendelson
  • Disciplined Entrepreneurship – Bill Auten
  • Dynamic of Complex Systems – Yaneer Bar-Yam
  • Shape Up – Ryan Singer
  • Statistical Consequence of Fat Tails – Nassim Taleb
  • Road to Reality – Roger Penrose
  • New Kind of Science – Stephen Wolfram

Things I am interested in right now:

  • COVID19 response
  • Music Production
  • Applied Complex Systems