My name is Aaron Green. I am an entrepreneur and business consultant. When I am not building a startup I am helping other people build their’s.

I am a world traveler speaking multiple languages, including English, French, Spanish and German and have lived in France and Germany. I hold a PhD in organic chemistry from UCLA. So, I’m basically a glorified chef and accountant.

I was a pioneer in developing robotic ultrasound for clinical use. Recently, I’ve been involved in clinical laboratory interoperability and botanical extraction.

I am also a certified New Product Development Professional with the Product Development Management Association and write a monthly column on Business Analysis for the Cannabis Industry Journal.


  • Strategy & Fundraising
  • US Go To Market Strategy & Execution
  • Market Development and Business Development
  • Talent Acquisition & Retention
  • Technology Assessment for Medical Devices, Due Diligence, IP Review
  • IP Development & Protection
  • Innovation & New Product Development
  • Regulated Design, Manufacturing and Testing (ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 17025)
  • NoCode, Python, R, Mathematica
  • Grassroots Activism, Persuasion and Public Relations